Green IT Initiatives

As Earth Day 2012 approaches we are reminded about energy conservation and initiatives in all aspects of our daily lives. Computers have come a long way since their inception, and many new innovations lean towards green manufacturing processes and energy efficient operation.

Have you ever wondered why you cannot simply put your old tower out on the side of the road with the rest of your household garbage? It is because inside computer components there are high levels of Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and various other harmful chemicals. Hardware manufacturers are working hard to eliminate these elements of the components. Intel’s line of Core Processors based on the 32nm “Sandy Bridge” architecture boasts a Lead free manufacturing process as well as elements that are designed to reduce power consumption.

Power Supplies are responsible for most of the energy inefficiency in computer systems. However, energy efficient models that garner an 80+ Bronze, Silver or Gold rating are becoming more and more prevalent on the market. Although like any “green” technology there is a cost increase by going with these efficient units, it has been shown that over time they pay for themselves.

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